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Group Discussion

Company Philosophy

Sincerity, Integrity and Simplicity

A man using a machine to cut iron bar


Safety First 

Superior Quality

Implement strict safety control to maintain a safe environment

​Enhance employees' awareness of safety and hygiene

Comply with ISO9001 and ISO13485 quality management system

Ensure excellence and stable quality

Business People Applauding


Value Customers 

Care For Employees

Care and value customers relationship

Care and treat employees well

Treat people and do things with sincerity, and create an enjoyable working environment

Friendly rest and dining area, nursing room, annual employee health check



Circular Economy 
Environmental Sustainability

Environment-friendly 4-color UV curing printer

Waterless plate printing

Re-use abandoned printing layer and protective layer
Re-cycle the abandoned materials of electronic components

Energy management cares for the earth

Prioritize using suppliers that provide environmentally-friendly materials and use cards made from biodegradable materials

Judge's Gavel on Books


Social Responsibility

Sustainable Management

​Take from society, give back to society

Act with integrity and comply with laws and regulations

Enthusiastically contribute to public welfare and give back to society

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