In-house vertical design

IC design

A professional and dedicated IC design team to develop SOC to drive segment type Segmented e-paper display and integrate whole circuits for small-size applications

Segmented e-paper panel design

We offer segment type Segmented e-paper design

Graphic e-paper integration

Module design 

We offer module circuit design for various applications.

Semiconductor Integration

NXP, STMicrocontroller, Microchip, TI, Nordic, Dialog

Firmware design

We offers application firmware design and programming

Emulation kit

We offer emulation kit for customer’s application programming.

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OTP seed perso

We provide customers various solutions for OTP seed perso.

By using the most secured nCipher HSM (Hardware Security Module), we provide both seed generating and OTP seed perso services in SmartDisplayer’s factory for customers.

We provide multi-heads perso machines for customers to do OTP seed perso to our BDM and Prelam in customers’ facilities.

We complete OTP seed perso under either OATH compliant system or EMV certified system.

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Cards Personalization

We provide credit card personalization service to customer by working with our Asia EMV certified card manufacturing partners. It’s the most cost-effective personalization service for DisplayCard in the world.

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Volume Production

EPP (Segmented e-paper panel) assembly line

EPM (Segmented e-paper module) assembly line

BDM assembly line 

DisplayCard assembly line

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