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FIDO Taipei Seminar & Q1 Member Plenary in Taiwan!

SmartDisplayer is excited and honored to attend FIDO Taipei Seminar & Q1 Member Plenary on Feb 6~9, 2023.

Today, hackers increasingly can exploit system vulnerabilities of enterprises and governments to steal personal information and business secrets, even 81% of attacked by hacker due to weak passwords. There is an urge for a zero-trust approach to cybersecurity protection. SmartDisplayer’s BobeePass can solve this problem, BobeePass is FIDO2 L1 certified, supporting both BLE & NFC interface, and it also can combine access control function. Soon BobeePass Bio will be launched in Q1 that will support BLE, NFC and USB 3-in-1 interface, and fingerprint sensor will be available.

Let’s expect passwordless/password-free life!

FIDO Taipei Seminar


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