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SmartDisplayer Card solutions can be used in a variety of applications including banking, enterprise security, crypto solutions and healthcare and so on.

Banking / Fintech

OTP Card (OATH / CAP / CodeSure)

China UnionPay Multi-Functional Card

Dynamic CVV Card

Security / Enterprise Solutions

Combo Card (combination of logical & physical access-control, employee ID)

Access Control Card

VPN Access

CryptoCurrency / Blockchain Applications

Cryptocurrency Card (Cold Wallet)

Blockchain Card

Healthcare / Telemedicine

ECG Card (Electrocardiography)

Pedometer Card

Temperature Tracking Card

Staff Check-in Card

Integrate with Fingerprint, Wireless Charging, BLE, etc.

FIDO(Fast IDentity Online)

FIDO Alliance member
FIDO2 L1 Certified
BLE & NFC connection
LED indicator

All-In-One Card

Integrate Credit/Debit Cards into One

Integrate Membership Cards into One


Integrate options:

ECG Sensor (Electrocardiography)

Pedometer Sensor

Digital Compass

Temperature Sensor

Fingerprint Sensor (Under PVC)

Solar Cell / Optical Sensor

Wireless Charging

BLE, UWB Technology

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