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About SmartDisplayer

We are here to make your account safer!

Founded in 2002, SmartDisplayer has been fully dedicated in the display card development and manufacturing. Currently there are 120 full-time employees, specialized in IC, display, module circuits, and firmware design.

With in-house automatic COB, ACF bonding, printing lines and automatic display card lamination lines, our production capacity for display card has reached 350,000 cards per month. In order to deliver new smart card technology to the world, we invested heavily on R&D innovations. More than 30 patents have been registered under SmartDisplayer and more will be acquired. All these efforts are to ensure us continuously to lead the smart display card industry.  

Within last few years, SmartDisplayer has successfully delivery accumulated 20,000,000 cards to the international market. More than 50+ banks (financial institutions) from over 30 countries have adapted SmartDisplayer's smart display card solutions.

Today, we are also continuously developing other fields, such as the application of FIDO, blockchain and telemedicine, to provide more diversified services.


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