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Information security game

Information security game is like a game of challenges that requires constant adaptation to new obstacles and the use of different weapons and tools to achieve victory. Only by staying alert and choosing the most suitable security products can we truly protect our information.

For last 2 decades, we successfully passed the challenges of different levels in OTP, dCVV, 13-key OCRA, BLE integration, cold wallet, all-in-one cards, fingerprint technology, FIDO, etc.

Now we’re facing the new level of FIDO2, as passwords are no longer secure and now BobeePass FIDO card is the best choice, we are using NFC, BLE and USB interfaces plus fingerprint integration to achieve zero trust structure for fast, secure, and convenient login across devices.

Furthermore, with major exchanges being hacked and collapsing, we understand that private keys are like property and cold wallet, in card form and offline condition, is the best choice for protecting our assets.

So what are you waiting for? Choose the weapon you need to protect your assets now!

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